Book of the Covenant


Most people cannot articulate at any meaningful level what in fact is contained in the New Covenant, and do not know that the so-called 10 Comm’ts of Ex.20 contained in the Torah are in fact part of the original Book of the Covenant of Ex.19:5 thru 24:8  …having not ‘rightly divided’ truth,  being told the old Law has past away ignoring Eph2:12, etc, Never differentiating between what is law and what is Covenant.

(Please Remember Scripture does Not contain a gentile Cov’t for the House of Athens).

Commandment  carries with it the idea of being told to do something which also carries the alternate idea of that something then can be untold  [rescinded/changed], hence “liberty” 2Pt.2:19. Covenant on the other hand is an agreement to do something, you cannot unagree [dissolve] the covenant that you enter salvation by , you can choose not to keep Cov’t, but that necessarily by default means choosing not to keep salvation, hence Messiah’s words Mt. 7:13-23. I don’t definitively know what to do/say about the ignorance factor because Scripture says that YHWH “winks” at our ignorance in times past (Acts17:30) .. yet also documents YHWH’s  “My people perish for the lack of Knowledge”, while further YHWH’s word directs us to “study and show your self approved”   … But then, capacity to understand is very different from willingness to understand/obey.

             I have found, while it remains the position of most that number themselves as “Believers,” (including Sunday keeping Catholics and Protestants, further including both Sabbath keeping Protestants and Messianics), especially those teaching (without exception), adamantly hold to and do teach (if ever) that the Book of the Covenant (i.e.: Bo/tC) first mentioned by name in Ex 24:7 is synonymous with, and in fact (allegedly) the one and the same Book of the LAW (i.e.: Bo/tL). HOWEVER,--- The Bo/tL is first alluded to in Dt. 17:18, “write a copy of this law in a book” , which begs the question .. Why? For Moses already had the Bot/C (Ex.24:7-8), then in Dt 28:61 as “Book of this Law.” BUT it is first mentioned by name in Dt 29:21. Furthermore, this passage is most damaging for it presents a HUGE problem.  It states “…according to all the CURSES of the COVENANT that are written in this Book of the Law,” conclusively showing that we are looking at two distinctly separate books! The problems begin with the fact that there were NO curse‘s’ mentioned before, during, or at, either/or, the initiation of the covenant of Ex.19:5, concurrent through to it’s ratification of Ex.24:8, with the possible exception of Ex.20:5 “…visiting the iniquities of the father to the third and fourth generation…” (contained in the 10 Comm’t portion). But this ONE specific individual family limited curse along with the personal restitutions/penalties contained in the Bo/tC specifications of Ex.Chapters 20-23, do NOT equal the sum total of the personal and national curse‘s’ for class action covenant breaking, contained in the Bo/tL, expounded in Ex.25 - 40 Lev. Num. and Deut.. Those that REFUTE, while admitting that these said same books contain a “non sequential” recap of the Mt. Sinai events, nevertheless try to use these books as “proof” (?) against the clearly sequential Mt. Sinai events of Exodus 19 -34. For instance, discounting points such as,… the aforementioned Ex. 24:8, the YHWH initiated, blood ratified Bo/tC…AND… Ex.24:12 “…I (YHWH) will give you Tablets of Stone, AND the ‘LAW’,AND the Commandments, which I (YHWH) have {already} written for you to TEACH them.”  WITH texts like…Dt. 5:22 “…and HE (YHWH) added NO more…,” equating these words to the 10 Commandments only, discounting everything but the 10 Commandments, necessarily excluding the Annual Sabbaths/Feast Days, etc. This includes ALL Sunday Keepers and most Sabbath Keepers. They choose to ignore their own text for Dt.5:1-2 clearly begins stating,“…hear O Israel, the statutes AND ‘judgements’ (right-rulings)…that you may LEARN them…”according to the“…COVENANT made (agreed) WITH us…” DIRECTLY related to the Bo/tC – Ex.19:5 – 24:8 ex/inclusively. [Note: ‘judgments’ Ex.21:1,etc] Specifically of interest, Ex.24:3  “All the words of YHWH and all the judgments (right-rulings.)” The term ‘RIGHT-RULINGS’ is most clarifying, for it definitely bespeaks the idea of  “positive law” NOT negative “CURSES.” I submit that this term is of indispensable value defining the word “judgements” throughout the Bible.

                The sequential Bo/tC countdown of Mt. Sinai in Exodus, is as follows:

Ex.19:5 The preliminary opening INITIATING statement, “…if you will obey My voice, and keep My                                                                                            COVENANT then you will be…a special treasure…a Kingdom of Priests…a Holy (SET APART) ‘nation’.   **(NOTE – 3 conditional national BLESSINGS)

               :7-8 The People said, “…All that YHWH has spoken we will do…” (This is Pre-acceptance)

             *:9-11  The formalities begin… Moses is to sanctify (P U R I F Y) Set-Apart Israel as a people.

:12 “whoever touches the Mt. shall be put to death…”   **(NOTE- personal penalty.)

Ex.20:1 “ …YHWH ‘spoke’ (not wrote [yet]) all these words…”

                :2-17   The Ten Commandments (Words)  [ decalogue,( pentateuch , pentecost) – Greek words]

(Note: Orig. Hebrew ..#3 – YHWH your Elohim..#4 – 7th Day..#5 Honor your Father [incl’s Heavenly])

                :22-26 Provision for approaching YHWH.  Note- v:24 … NOT  in Jerusalem (yet/only) Where’s that ? (2Sm.5:6-7) They didn’t even have a country, let alone city names! “… in every place where I cause My Name (YHWH) to be known…I (YHWH) will come to you and BLESS (?) you…” Jn.4:21

                    Please Rememember the Name..YHWH is the Cov’t-Comm’t Name

                               OOPS !… lookie that, …another national BLESSING (?) !!!

Ex 21:1 The Judgments (right rulings) …[Note: includes Feastdays] v:1-32   Rights of Persons

                :33- Ex.22:15 Rights of Property

                :16-31 Proper Conduct

Ex 23:1-9 Proper Justice

                  NOTE…Ex. 19:12 to Ex.23:9 contains… (Ex.20:4-6…ONE specific individual family line curse, tempered with another conditional “class action” group BLESSING),… various personal restitutions/penalties (including Death) and NO national curses.

Ex 23:10-33 Deals with things national,

:10-13 the Sabbatical Year,

***       :14-19 the 3 NATIONAL FEASTS (note: while still ‘PURE’…Ex.19:9-11),

:20-33 Conquest Regulations containing 6 (+) national directives, 12(+) more national blessings (:20-31), and 2(+) national warnings (:32-33).   NO curse’S’ (PLURAL),


>>>>>        Note: While still PURIFIED, SANCTIFIED, HOLY/SET-APART !!!     <<<<<

Then Ex.24:1 Moses 2nd + trip up the Mt.

                :3 Again Moses recites “all the Words of YHWH and all the Judgments” (right-rulings)…

    Again the people answer, “…all the words…we will do…”   (Agreement)

                :4 “Moses wrote all the words of YHWH” (in a book, v:7)

                :5 “burnt offerings and sacrificed peace offerings of oxen”

                :6 “half the blood sprinkled on the alter”

                :7 “the Book of the Covenant”, (again) read to “the people”, again saying “we will do”

           Then     :8 Moses took the (remaining) blood, “ sprinkled the people” and said, “behold the blood of the Covenant which YHWH has made with you according TO ALL THESE WORDS. ! RATIFIED ! (Ex.24:8, Heb.9:19) NO adding, NO subtracting !!!. (Note: I realize that Heb.9 presents somewhat of a problem.  On the surface, while it may appear to refute this separate “BOOKS” theory, I submit that upon closer study, letting scripture define scripture…the factual sequential account of Ex.[and specific accounts in Dt.] defining the obvious, NON-sequential narrative of Heb.9 will reveal this NOT to be the case.

            Note…this now ratified Bo/tC was in fact the first order of Mt. Sinai business, even further in fact the first tangible evidence given/authorized/ratified contractual post-Abraham Covenant, (note: along with the New Cov. of  Jer.31/Lk.22/Heb.8 [all 3] under a  Melchizedek priesthood  Gen.14:18, Heb.7:11). I suspect, further submit, that this is the one most over-looked foundation, comparison, by which to gage the collage of ALL doctrinal  belief systems. One example… TITHING, yet a chapter in itself. It is neither contained in the Bo/tC, 10 Comm’ts, nor supported by the N.T. It is contained in the Bo/tL to support a Levitical Priest-hood we NO longer have (either one!), Col.2:14, Heb.7:11-12. Abraham gave (freewill), ‘A’ tithe ‘of recovered items’ ONCE in His life Gen.14:20. We have NO record that Isaac ever tithed. However there is ONE account that Jacob/Israel vowed to tithe, Gen. 28:22, that may be the premise of Lev. tithing, that YHWH had never before required. (NOTE the N.T. does support SOW & REAP [all aspects of life NOT just $$$], sowing Heavenward, supporting, giving, etc.). A (one) freewill tithe does NOT equal the compulsory Bo/tL tithing of Mal. 3.

            We must be continually aware of the weight of evidence. The Bible says “Cursed is he that believes on a man,” (any man, any book, any commentary). That is true inside or outside any nailing on the cross (Col 2:14). The weight of evidence shows that the Bo/tC with the 10 Comm’ts stand outside the Bo/tL, with it’s own penalties. We still see and know of, perhaps are party to, and/or have been or are recipients of the personal penalties and/or the generational family curse (tied to Idolatry, which is varied dependant on the Idol/s of choice) i.e.: Bo/tC, even though the Bo/tL curses are broken.

           Interestingly enough it wasn’t till Ex.24:12 that YHWH even mentions anything about stone tablets, OR (“AND the”) LAW. Even more interesting is what v:12 actually says…“and I (YHWH) will give you tablets of stone ‘AND THE LAW’ “AND” the commandments, which I (YHWH) have (already?7) written, that you may teach them.” I realize the quandary. This both potentially supplies answers AND poses new questions. Suffice it to say that YHWH “knows the end from the beginning …and…speaks those things though they are not (YET) as though they were.” The question is we see no mention of (negative curse/s) law as it pertains to the giving of the Bo/tC till we see it here, AFTER the Bo/tC’s RATIFICATION, Clearly the directive of scripture is that we are neither to add to nor diminish anything.  Still what is this LAW, unless it is none other than the destined Bo/tL, clearly not added into, but GIVEN in conjunction with (ADDendum to) the Bo/tC? (Note: Law not yet verified as a Book [Scroll] as identified by Ex.24:12, Num.5:23 and Dt.17:18 until Dt.28:58…***Moses did NOT add[or subtract]anything unless YHWH told him to Dt.31:14-26.) The Bible says, “My people perish for the lack of ‘KNOWLEDGE’” …NOT grace, love or any other pious, ethereal sounding, dream-state emotion or attribute. Yes, these things are Spiritually discerned. Yes, we are to manifest the “Fruits of the Spirit”, but not at the expense of meaningful discerning Bible study and the knowledge it reveals to act on and DO! (Jms.1:22) The only rational conclusion left, is of unwittingly following the SEDUCING spirit of AN-OTHER GOSPEL !

             Many protestants love to quote Paul, as their LAW bashing poster child, yet the very chapters and verses they love to use contain the evidences of their folly. They never miss the chance to tell you that Paul made ‘no distinction of the Law’. This is a terribly deceived/ing ERROR! If they knew their Old Test. better, they may not be as quick to make such a foolish statement. Most are just regurgitating what they’ve been told.. Case in point…Gal. 3:1 questions “Who has Bewitched you…?” Even Paul would not dare to equate a reconciled-to-YHWH, set aside Bo/tL, (Eph 2:15), let alone the 7th Day Sabbath and YHWH’s Feast Days (“a sign between you and Me forever…throughout your generations”)…to WITCHCRAFT (?) !!! …This goes Beyond deceived to asinine! Paul the so-called ‘Apostle to the GENTILES’ was addressing many issues on many fronts, from occult/pagan to apostate/judaizing, often times addressing multiples there of, as it relates to obedient scriptural discernment, in the same letter. Gal. 3:10 specifically mentions the Bo/tL by NAME (DISTINCTION) …v:19 “What purpose then does the (Bo/tL v:10) law serve, IT WAS ADDED BECAUSE OF TRANSGRESSION.Further Heb.9:10 establishes that the Bo/tL was IMPOSED! These are yet other HUGE problems!!! Imposed does not equal agreed (“a witness of 2 or 3 a thing is ESTABLISHED” Dt.19:15) We can once again thank Paul for knowing the O/T. Remember the Hebrew/Israelites were Sanctified, Purified, Set-Apart, inclusive from the Initiation to the agreed Ratification of the Bo/tC, (including the 7th Day Sabbath, the 10 Comm’s and the Feast Days, NO ‘WITCHCRAFT’), as stated there were no curse’S’ in the Bo/tC, (compare with Gal.3:10), ergo Paul was speaking directly to the Bo/tL and could not have possibly been talking about the Bo/tC!!! Think about it. Paul was the “Pharisee of Pharisees,” taught at the feet of Gamaliel. He KNEW this stuff backwards, upside down, and inside out. He was not confused and did very much give us defining guides in most all his letters… the wild card is… HONEST Bible defining Bible RESEARCH !

          Continuing Ex.24:12, …it is further of interest to note that Moses was not on the Mount. 40 days & nights till v:18. This may shed additional light, for there was no mention of LAW (Ex.19-24) till we see it here. Further, this LAW had not yet been “given” till Moses went up the Mount., during the 40 days & nights. Additionally this LAW was not yet DELIVERED till the people had already “rose up to play” and made “the golden calf” (ie: TRANSGRESSED Gal.3:19) Ex.32. The penalty exacted (GIVEN) Ex.32:27, mass death by sword, was not part of the ratified Bo/tC, the only conclusion left is (AGAIN) this ‘ADDED’ LAW of Ex.24:12, written by YHWH, outside of the ratification/agreement arguably… none other than the destined ‘imposed’ Bo/tL, containing the legal remedies/consequences/curses, not found in the Bo/tC, and (AGAIN) conversely potentially explaining how the Bo/tL curses could be broken, yet still have the Bo/tC penalties. For Col. 2:14 states that “the handwritten LAWS of ordinances that was ‘AGAINST[not agreed by] US’ was nailed to the cross.” Directly defined by (thanks again Paul) Dt. 31:26 “this is the Bo/tL, you will place it BESIDE the Ark of the Covenant, there it will remain as a witness “AGAINST YOU.” Only the Bo/tL was nailed, for the 10 Comm’s were INSIDE the Ark o/t ‘Covenant’, [Arguably containing THE (Bo/tC) Covenant laterally containing the TEN Comm’s HUMMM? Ex.25:16, Heb.9:4). So… if the Bo/tL containing the curses has been nailed/set aside, WHY are there still pain, suffering, sickness and the like? Just as I have shown that the 10 Comm’s \ Bo/tC stand on their own (and anything YHWH says is My or Mine [additionally including Annual Sabbaths]) apart from the Bo/tL, ergo it would stand to reason that the consequences and penalties of the Bo/tC and 10 Commt’s stand concurrent with the ones directly pertaining to them, in/or out of the Bo/tL (Dt.28:61).  One proof I can offer is Dt. 28:43-46…(v:15 “It shall be if you do not obey”), that… “the FOREIGNER within your midst will become greater and you will become less… a sign… on your seed forever.” Many would argue this is what we’re seeing in America today.  Is YHWH racist ?… NO… for anyone, any time could always worship YHWH of Israel, through the same Covenant Law, Lev.24:22, Eph.2:12.

           The Bo/tC …?, it’s been class-action at large, FORGOTTEN for centuries. It is utterly amazing that the (so-called) Church Fathers: Ignatius, Martin Luther, Justin Martyr, etc. CATIGORICALLY across the board castigated “The JEWS.” According to them … The “MARK” of  shame (???),… the “LAW that was added” (because of transgressions)???…thrusting on the Jews, their “most richly deserved PENALTY,”??? included of all things…YEAP…The Sabbath and YHWH’s Feast Days, as given in the No Curses, Blessing laden Bo/tC, @#(?). First of all YHWH states, in Lev. 23:2 that these are “Feasts unto YHWH (the Lord)…AND again in the SAME verse these are “‘MY’ Feasts,” N O T ! feasts unto the Jews or Jewish feasts. HE (YHWH) is very much using His own Biblically established principle, “in the witness of 2 or 3 a thing is ESTABLISHED.” He states the same principle twice in this SAME verse. Refuters will quote verses like Amos 5:21 &  Is.1:14 “*YOUR* appointed feasts My (YHWH) soul hates,” the obvious doesn’t even enter their minds. YHWH does NOT mince or waste words, the SOVEREIGN ETERNAL CREATOR understands the concept difference between ‘YOUR’ (us) and ‘MY’ (YHWH’s). The Jews/ISRAELITES (as we today), were continually falling into IDOLATRY, and/or MIXING the profane into the PURE. YHWH has never, and will never accept this. Therefore just as soon as you do this, His PURE is no longer yours, and your profane MIX is totally yours.

             Another POINT is, this whole Mt. Sinai setting (Ex.19 thru 34) is reminiscent of  a court setting, with Moses as a sort of witness/notary/stenographer/mediary between the party of the 1st part and party of the 2nd part. *NOTE*… YHWH throughout the Bible informs us of several “BOOKS.” (In point) The Book of…1) the Covenant, Ex 24:7…2) the Law, Dt.29:21…3) Remembrance, Mal.3:16… 4) Life, Phil.4:3…concurrent with…5) the (so called) “other ‘Books’ ”, Rev.20:12. Several (if not ALL) of these ‘BOOKS’ had to be present, with YHWH, at Mt. Sinai as evidenced by Moses pleading for Israel, posing YHWH to “blot me out of your BOOK (also)” Ex.32:32. Suffice it to say that if this is in fact ‘THE’ Book of Life, as reason would deduce, reason would further conclude if ones name is not written here, it would have to be contained in the non-desirable “other ‘BOOKS’,” thus additionally present at Mt. Sinai. It is here I would like to assert that it makes sense that the Ex.24:12 “AND THE LAW” would be THE script of the Bo/tL !!! The question is why would any law that any man wrote have any part of  MESSIAH’s  crucifixion (as it pertains to the ‘Law that was nailed’ Col.2:14), unless YHWH did in fact either write it HIMSELF  and/or directly cause it to be written during/subsequent to this Judicial Setting of Mt. Sinai (Ex. 19 thru 34)?… thus requiring an act of only YHWH for any change (again “a witness of 2 or 3”), reinterpreting many verses like,*ACTS 15: 19-21* by Ex.24:4-8!!! Additionally I would like to point out that in NO way was the ‘Dietary Code’ of  Lev. “AGAINST US.” Modern science has proven that what YHWH told the Israelites over 4000 years ago remains the BEST diet TODAY!!! .”  Which begs the question, why would something have to be taken out of our way (BY DEATH!) if it was never ‘IN’ our way, always for our own good?  …LOGICALLY… ONLY the “contained in ordinances… “AGAINST US” part of the Bo/tL (Col.2:14, Eph.2:15) is “RECONCILED,” “SET ASIDE,” “TAKEN OUT OF THE WAY.”   Except as it pertains to the Book of the Covenant…a deeper study in itself.

             To the “what difference does it make/ Titus 1:14” crowd, is a WARNING direct from YHWH Himself !!! 2Thess.2:7-12 “For the MYSTERY of LAW-less-ness is already at work…un-RIGHTeous deception among those who PERISH, because they did not receive the love of the TRUTH…For this reason YHWH will send a strong DELUSION, that they should believe the LIE…having pleasure in un-R I G H Teousness.” …  SUN-day, Christ-MASS, Eastor-ith, etc. IS the exact Satanic mirror opposite counterfeit image of YHWH’s Sabbath and Feast-Days, as contained in the Bo/tC (that we have been taught to turn our backs on, Satan deceives the whole world, doing his best job IN the PULPITS). Furthermore, 1Jn.4:1 directs us to “TEST the SPIRITS to see IF they ARE (truly) from YHWH.” This necessarily includes YHWH’s (Holy) SET-APART Spirit. How much more these half-truth, deceiving, “never able (or willing) to come to (or teach) the knowledge of the truth,” pastor/ priests?… the picture of 2 Cor.11:13-15! Just as the Messiah said, “I will say in that day DEPART… I… NEVER knew you.” Make NO mistake about it. He was speaking to those calling Him “Lord” who thought they were “IN”…the not under the (Cov’t) law, grace only Judeo-Christian (2 Pt.2:19)! How is that possible …you ask? The Bible has it’s own INTEGRITY, it’s own system of ‘checks and balances’ that like anything else can be IGNORED. You can select half-chapters, half-verses omit and/or match, negate, diminish, twist at will and support just about anything. IF however you are teachable and honest enough to let the Bible define ITSELF, then the Bible is clear. We are to “rightly divide the Word of Truth,” one correct way! Integrity defined is the subjective matching the objective, the subjective ‘spirit’ must match the objective ‘WORD.’ IF both match, then YHWH is speaking. IF NOT, then it is a Satanic seducing spirit. REMEMBER, if you insist and won’t/don’t love the truth, YHWH will let you hack what you think you know out of Scripture, matching it to any Satanic seducing spirit of your choice. Thus counterfeit integrity is achieved and YHWH will send you a delusion to seal the deal. That, my friend, is one scary N/T promise!!!…“Having eyes they will not see, having ears they will not hear.”  “I set before you life and death, choose LIFE!!!”

             In conclusion the “New” of the New Cov’t of  Jer.31/Lk.22/Heb8 is in the ‘unchanging’ YHWH’s “My Laws”, the same Sinai Cov’t Laws (Jer.31:31-33) note: “with the Houses of Judah and Israel” (v:31, Eph.2:12). written on our hearts, for the ‘Old’ Cov’t was given externally & nationally, whereas the ‘New Cov’t’ is written internally .. individually -to “who so ever will”, further this Cov’t is sum-able to the 10 Comm’ts: ..

#3  “Yahweh your Elohim” is the Covenant/Comm’t Name as given by the Eternal .. The Messiah came in that name, Yahshua means the salvation of Yah (Ps.68:4) and mediates the New Covenant (Heb.12:24), the word VAIN is also defined as, “to bring to NOTHING”, we are not taught nor are these names used! (NO “J” in either Hebrew or Greek EVER! or in English till 1600’s). Re-interpretion then of Acts 4:12 is imparitive.

#4 The 7th Day Sabbath is actually part Yahweh’s Feast system, Gen.1:14 ‘seasons’, Lev.23:1-3.

#5 We should also Honor our Heavenly Father, who said “ ..these are My Feasts..” Lev. 23:1-3.

For those who insist that the Feasts cannot be kept with out Alter Temple Sacrifices, Please refer to:

Num.28:9-10, Ezk.43:18, Dan.9:25-27, Heb 4:14-15, 5:1-10, 6:20, 9:26, 10:1-21, 12:24 with the realization that prior to accepting New Covenant Salvation (Eph.2:12) we all still needed a sacrifice (OT) for sin. The Bo/tL was the remedy “imposed” to bring the repentant back to the initial ‘sanctified’ state (Ex.19:9-11) to be able to ‘re-keep’ the Cov’t and have it be honored by the one who has always kept covenant .. Yahweh/Yahshua.

             Our New Cov’t answer to that remedy is the ‘all in all’ Calvary Sacrifice of Yahshua the Messiah, who walked sinlessly in Cov’t before YHWH, eligible to be our substitution, thus being that example to walk in expressing this same Scriptural life through us by the power of the Set-Apart Spirit, as we will to obey. 1Jn.2:6

                  YHWH sets His WORD ABOVE His NAME and His SON above ALL else


*************************!HALLELU-YAH! Ps.68:4 (NKJV)*****************************


May YHWH bless you with the sincere burn of desire to know and do His Will, the TRUTH                                                                                                                                                                YHWH”s Spirit of Truth

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